Online Gambling in Canada

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Online gambling in Canada has grown by leaps and bounds, immediately after the introduction of the first online casino in 1994. Now, more than ever, millions of Canadians seem to have hooked up with online gambling, with a majority of them signing up to several betting firms that offer online gaming.

But, what is online gambling? Also known as virtual gambling by other people, online gambling is any form of a game that involves the placement of bets, or wagers, using a mobile phone or a computer device. Here, an internet connection must be present, for online gambling to take place.

Historically, gambling laws in Canada were very tough, with few forms of gambling only permitted. Today though, there have been drastic changes regarding gambling, a matter that has encouraged operators to offer such services even more. Hundreds of operators providing online platforms for gaming, seem to have benefitted from such a move, with a lot of them being opened, or registered, on almost a daily basis.

An Overview of Online Gambling Laws in Canada

When it comes to laws relating to online gambling in Canada, things get a little bit complex. Some provinces operate or run, their online casinos, within a majority of government-approved betting outlets, allowing betting enthusiasts to place their wagers over the internet.

It’s perfectly legal for any Canadian to bet online, and purchase lottery tickets, using online platforms if they wish. What is unlawful, is to offer online gambling to Canadians, without fully being licensed, or registered, by the government. On matters to do with online gambling in Canada, the laws are relatively clear.

On matters still relating to online gambling laws, there’s a grey area that has puzzled a lot of people. Here, the real mystery, concerns companies that are located, and operated, overseas, but still allow Canadian players to place their bets on their gambling sites. While this may appear to be illegal under the laws of Canada, when scrutinized, if the company is based in a location, or a country, where online gambling is permitted, then Canadian laws may not apply here. Therefore, Canadian gamblers are at liberty to participate and choose an online site of their choice.

Today, there are more than 1400 offshore websites, that offer online gambling to Canadians, with such sites increasing, with each day that passes. As of now, millions of Canadians place their wagers with a gambling site based, or hosted, outside Canada, especially in provinces where online gambling laws are still strict.

All the ten provinces in Canada, have their laws relating to online gambling. While a majority of all these laws seem to be universal, on a closer examination, one will find that they differ in some way.