Top Striking Similarities Between Canada and the Latin Americans

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There are distinct differences and similarities between Canada and the Latin Americas; geographically, historically, economically, socially and cultural connections. The features are based on factors such as news coverage, travel and the perception of the diaspora. Over the past ten years, the coverage done on Brazil and Argentina to Canadian media, there has been a sporadic, linked to elections or the economy of these countries.

Both Brazil and Argentina have small immigrant communities in Canada. Besides, travels made to the Southern Cone are majorly aimed for tourism, education or even business-related activities. When the distance is coupled with the benign exoticism, they benefit the perception of their emerging economies and stable democracies experienced among the Canadian citizens. This marks the reason why Brazil and Argentina are ranked the highest when comes to those who perceive Latin America to be vitally salient to Canada. Below are the similarities between Canada and the Latin Americans.

Love for Sports

If you have ever imagined witnessing the energy, madness, and passion which hockey fans live up to every time there is a Hockey game, well never miss to catch up the Canadian Hockey games! This also applies to football fans in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia. The fans exhibit excitement before the game, leave alone the one when the game is in progress and many crazy kinds of stuff that occur in football stadiums and hockey arenas. The national anthems, the drinks, and faces painted with national flag colors of each country, above all, your team better emerge the winner otherwise you will forcibly become part of the riot in the parking space.

Outdoor Activities

Both Canadians and the Latin Americans have an unrated love for hiking and having quality time at the cabins near Clearwater Lake. Same to the Latin countries though for them, instead of the lakes, they spend at the beaches and villas. The Canadians may not be favored to enjoy water activities all year long. However, this doesn’t stop them from getting the fun of snowboarding and skiing. They have it!

The Diversity of their History

The strong influence of Europe in the entire continent of America has natured diverse cultures, and it falls as part of Canada and Latin America histories. Canada has a high welcoming nature which immigrants utilize, and it embraces their diversity making its annual immigration flow higher comparing to other countries. You will find people from all walks of life in Canada therefore; wherever you will go, you will note all Canadians look different. On the other side, it doesn’t matter which country you will visit, people of the Latin Americas also look so different, and thus embracing the diversity is considered the key to human prosperity.